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I´ve been tagged by :iconannholland:

* You must post these rules.
* Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
* You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your Journal.
* Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged him/her.
* No tag backs.
* No crap in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag ten people
(Because I actually do not like to force people to do it, I am not tagging anyone. You can do it if you want to, otherwise you just ignore this xD)

1 When did you for the first time come in contact with anime?
Oh wow that was a really long time ago actually! Of course, I grew up watching pokemon all day, but I guess that doesn't really count as i did not know that the series was an anime at the time. I really started watching it, and reading manga with it, when I was 13 I guess! Started with Ouran High School Host Club, Rozen Maiden, Haruhi Suzumiya and Naruto at that time. A friend of mine :iconsushinouveau: was already cosplaying at the time and introduced me and my friend to it! Half a year later I started cosplaying and that con, including the one following it, never happened tho- weeaboo times- IT NEVER HAPPENED OKAY-

2 Tell something weird about you. (if you have something weird)
Hmm something weird... Like... what? I mean, I have a huge like for the USUK pairing and have over 500 doujinshi on my pc, people actually consider that weird- I call it 'entertainment' ;D, and uhm... I cannot cook with an oven I guess, I once set the kitchen on fire in two minutes time while trying to bake brownies. But that's quite normal too- ehm... I actually have a craving for sweet food, and thanks to that I always go to the bakery at the local market at least once a week to get some pastries... and I am addicted to Masterchef Australia? :'D I watch it two times a day-
Is it weird enough?

3 What are you doing at the moment?
Oh! I am watching Wildlife SOS (Animal Planet- I love you.) and playing some pokemon! (White 2 for those who want to know, if you have it too we could exchange friend codes actually!) Oh and let's see... I'm training all the cute pokemon on it including my shiny Audino (it's ADORABLE) and at the same time I'm stuffing myself with food, taking naps and doing a bit of homework.

4 If you are going to cosplay, wich character would you play?
As you probably know- I already cosplay!
Ehm let's see, I did Trucy Wright from the Apollo Justice series, borrowed the costume from a friend actually! I love the cosplay, but since I have no one to cosplay the series with it's a bit lonely-
I did Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica once at Abunai 2012 for the Cosplay Fashion show. My friend, who cosplayed Madoka, made all the costumes for all 5 main characters. She did Madoka and had a whole group, but something happened which left them without a Mami, but with the entire costume done! I happened to have the right sixes and voila, I went on stage all huge eyes, pokerface and shaky legs (shaky everything- actually I almost fell-)
Uhm of course, we have Revolutionary War England! I love that cosplay so much. I have done it so, so very often too- Did it alone for 1.5 years, but now I got a Rev War America I am motivated to wear it even more ><

5 Your favourite song at the moment?
Hmm... my favourite songs... I don't really have one I guess, but if I had to chose it would be 'All I ask of you' from the Phantom of the Opera. But I actually love all the songs of that musical/movie, so one of those! Angel of Music and Think of me are favourites too, and of course The Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night and Past the Point of no Return.
I love musicals c:

6 What do you like to do beside deviantart?
Hmm Facebook a bit, check the usuk Livejournal daily, same goes for deviantart and ehm... read fanfiction in general. Outside internet I love to watch Masterchef and Animal related programs, play some pokemon, and of course, waterpolo! Gotta exercise! ;D

7 What do you like the most about your favourite anime?
Anime or just Anime/Manga? It differs actually- Hetalia is really funny, but serious too. It makes certain subjects easier to talk about and discuss. However, I did not really like the anime as it was too 'funny' and not serious enough. But with the new designs it already looks less 'fun', so I am really looking forward to it!
I often love manga more then anime, because you can read it and don't have to watch it. Watching it makes you have to see it by episode, and manga you can split however you want to do it.

8 Wich season do you like the most(winter, summer, autum, spring)?
All of them have pro's and con's. Winter is cold and I don't really like cold- but it has snow and that means skiing and ice skating! It also means you can cuddle in a blanket in front of a fire and drink hot chocolate which is not my favourite thing to do in winter at all or anything-
Summer is great. Why? Combine hot weather, holidays, conventions and meetings with my birthday and you have it! However- it do is often TOO hot and the holiday makes it that I get bored easilly-
Autumn is... I dunno- I love the rain and colours but it's also cold and windy and bleh. Nah Autumn isn't my favourite.
Spring is great! There's rain, there's sun, there are lot's of holidays, it's the end of the school year, there are baby animals in the zoo, you know just great! But it also is the most stressful time of the year, with exams coming up.
... All of them except Autumn? ono

9 What is your favourite holiday?
CHRISTMAS. So much. Presents and food and friends and family. PFFF for sho- kidding, kidding.
But yes, christmas!

10 Tell me the weirdest thing you have ever seen.
I have seen many weird things. I am not even sure what was the weirdest thing...
Oh wait I do know! I once went to a wild reserve and there was this group of black bears, and one was sitting on his but, arm on a stone like an armrest, and looked so gentleman like svjfbfbhjgfb he just missed the glass of wine, top hat and monocle. All the other bears where there too, on the middle of the freaking road, just minding their own business and lying around lazy and god it was such a weird sight. The parkkeepers had no idea what to do with them! XD

/was bored so the tag came at the right time

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